Open Sky Recruitment

We are a Recruitment to Recruitment (Rec to Rec / Rec2Rec / R2R) agency. Our passion is to help recruiters like you to follow your dream and live the life you want. This could be professional development, better work-life-balance, maximised income potential, new experiences such as relocating and working in different countries – or anything else that you desire to achieve.

We are focusing on Australia, particularly Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and international relocations of recruiters.

In order to help you, we will seek to understand what you truly want and what your long-term goals are. We will then match you to the clients who share your aspirations.

Our services

Entry level

Our thoroughly screened entry level recruiters allow you to focus on growing your business.

Experienced recruiters

Experienced Recruiters meet companies who share their aspirations.

Executive recruitment

Executive recruitment for business critical and senior positions.

International relocation

We help experienced recruiters to build an international career.

About Claudius

Claudius has over 8 years of recruitment experience and successfully placed candidates in Australia, APAC, Europe and the USA. He started his career in an Executive Recruitment Agency and has worked across all roles ranging from entry level to executive.

Claudius has lived in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Sydney and Brisbane. He has helped many candidates to internationalise their career and relocate globally.

His ambition is to assist recruiters to live the life they want – whether it is related to their career, lifestyle or a combination of both.

In his spare time, Claudius enjoys virtually every activity that involves water and nature such as diving, hiking, having a barbie at the beach and of course beer.